“In business, what’s dangerous is not to evolve.”
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

As the world continues to connect and communicate through advanced technologies, Space Stem’s friendly and consultative approach gives us a definitive edge in the current IT design and development field. Our goal is to help our clients consolidate their digital business strategies through careful analysis of the corporate brand, key processes within the company's operations and how effectively those processes are carried out. Our team compromises of highly skilled and dedicated members, from project managers, developers, to graphics designers, all of whom emphasise on developing intelligent applications with creativity, prioritising the enhancement of data flow, content management and security within a business with sleek front-end usability.

Originally based in the Satellite district of Ahmedabad, India, Space Stem was founded in 2012 with a team of just three people: two senior developers and a junior developer. Now we have expanded to more than 50 employees at our new location in Prahlad Nagar. And we are still recruiting!
About Us Right
Why Choose Space Stem?
We have a team of experts who excel in web design and usability services which include:
  • User Experience
  • User Journeys
  • Personal Development
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • User Testing
  • Information Architecture
  • Heuristic Site Review
  • User Interface Design
What We Do
The team of experts at Space Stem designed customised ERP software for Church Pharmacy, one of the leading private pharmacies in the UK. An online private pharmacy is a unique type of business which has very specific and challenging requirements. Church Pharmacy was virtually paper-based but now it is connected to all its operations through ERP with restricted access for log in. Even though the software centralises all departments, only those who are authorised can access and update product and customer databases. ERP has connected all their integral departments such as customer services, purchasing and logistics, addressing the essential exchange of vital information between the business and its customers. One of the main benefits of ERP is that multiple applications are integrated so that anyone can work remotely. In an industry where regular campaigns are imperative, transparency of statistics is crucial in making rapid strategic decisions, and Church Pharmacy's ERP system provides that solution. To evolve with the businesses’ fluctuating needs, Space Stem continually develops and maintains this software for the company.
Church Pharmacy’s simple informative website has been re-developed by Space Stem into an e-commerce website, with multiple browser and device compatibility, where customers can obtain the most current information about brands and prices, including the latest offers and incentives. This project was undertaken after the successful implementation of ERP software at Church Pharmacy. The business was able to re-allocate resources and double its order processing capacity. The website has been designed to give restricted information, where appropriate, based on log in credentials which adhere to the crucial legislative guidelines. Customers who want the flexibility of ordering prescriptions online can do so with minimal interaction from customer services. All of the content has been presented in a contemporary and creative manner, and it is completely user friendly. All interactions on the website are presented in the form of analytics for the benefit of the directors and business development managers. Space Stem continues to support Church Pharmacy in developing the website and updating its contents. We design online print publications for their special offers and e-shots and newsletters for customers.
Within Church Pharmacy’s customised ERP software, Space Stem has designed customised software applications to convert paper-based manual tasks into automated digital processes with complete security. Now that orders are online, along with the customers’ account and invoice information (synced to the accounting software used by Church Pharmacy), Space Stem outsources its resources from the India office to support customer services in the UK. The applications between customer services, logistics and purchasing department are all connected enabling real time changes to be reflected within the business, especially changes to products and offers which update dynamically on the company’s website.
Imagine securely signing private prescriptions, paying for them online in a matter of minutes and having them delivered to the desired location within a day or two. Now, this is all possible with DigitRx, a modern electronic prescription service designed specifically for the aesthetic/cosmetic industry. Customers have the flexibility of placing orders online at any time without the worry of contacting customer services for payment or to address queries related to prescription errors. For medical professionals, DigitRx has eliminated the cumbersome tasks of manually retrieving patient data and writing numerous prescriptions. All content is saved virtually enabling access to patient and prescription purchase history, all dynamically updated on the customers’ personal account page on the website. This long awaited niche product adheres to all of the pharmacy legislation including information governance which is a real concern for medical practitioners in this field. Space Stem worked meticulously on stringent security measures and the specific requirements of an online pharmacy business to successfully launch this product for Church Pharmacy. We have a dedicated team of experts who make the updates and continually develop the latest features for this software according to the need of its users. With DigitRx, Church Pharmacy is able to attract new customers including those of their competitors.
Church Pharmacy wanted to eliminate the timely process of sending private prescriptions for customers who placed their orders through the website. Our in-house Android developer has designed Scan Rx app allowing medical practitioners to take images of the prescriptions and drop them into an automated email to Church Pharmacy. They are linked to the client’s account digitally and processed. The app features a crop tool and image enhancement options for each scan such as brightness/contrast and rotation.
We are in the process of completing Church Pharmacy’s mobile website from the desktop version which will allow customers to have all the flexibility they need to place their prescription orders from their Smartphones or Android handsets. To incorporate all the necessary interactive features, this has been a collaborative and creative process between one of our senior developers, the graphics and design team and our android developer. Designed securely with compatibility across devices, and core user interface design principles, the sleek mobile website is in preparation for its much awaited launch.
Our Vision
Business value cannot be achieved through technology alone. It begins with collaboration between experts who work together to highlight the individual business objectives and develop the most adapted solutions for them.
Our Mission
The right technology can give quick and intuitive response to changing market dynamics and has the power to make a business very successful. Our products can build an infrastructure or strengthen an existing one allowing businesses to become more agile and competitive in an unpredictable environment.