Weaving a virtual set of connections

A content management system is essential to any business. Many companies still use paper-based processes which require time and effort to maintain. Precious resources should never be wasted on mountains of paperwork. Though there are ready made commercial products available in the market, no two businesses within the same industry share identical integral processes. Opting for commercial products which suit one business will not necessarily address all the needs of another. This is where Space Stem’s solutions build, maintain and enhance enterprise systems adding measurable value to your business and supporting its growth.

The technology we specialise in:

We always choose most feasible and efficient technology whilst designing and developing solutions. These include:

  • .Net
  • PHP
  • C++/VC++
  • C#, VB.NET etc
  • Java

Our services include:

  • Attention to client requirements
  • Securely developed customised software
  • Utilisation of the most current software development cycle
  • Web software application solutions for global access
  • Desktop based software application solutions
  • Resolute support and training

We can build applications such as:

  • Task delegation
  • Migrate existing desktop systems to Web
  • Online timesheets
  • Online Payment Services Integration
  • Notification systems - automated SMS, email
  • And many other tailored solutions
Customised Software
One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Customised software is the best solution when off-the-shelf solution cannot address your business needs. The main benefits are:

  • It is unique to your company’s operations
  • The software can be upgraded as per your business’ needs
  • It is designed with best practice to meet the industry standards and regulations
  • It is a cost effective solution especially when analysis determines that, long-term, your business cannot operate or expand without it
  • It can transform the way information is generated (statistical figures), managed/maintained (storage and security), shared (between departments and consumers), and used (in making profitable decisions)

Through extensive communication with the client on every detail, Space Stem provides all of the advantages mentioned to deliver custom software development solutions. We utilise the most current tools and development technologies including Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL, XML and PHP frameworks and we can offer services in the following areas:

  • Web applications
  • Client-server applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Database design
  • Data migration
  • Legacy application conversion to new age systems
  • System integration
  • Code Review
  • System Testing
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Consulting services
QuickBooks Integration
Time is a precious resource

The process of managing an online store can take hours, especially if there are several purchases made every day. All orders placed online have to be entered into QuickBooks manually. Also, the inventory has to be updated physically, and information has to be copied and pasted to create shipping labels and process payments.

Space Stem’s centralised software manages the entire online business by connecting the online store, QuickBooks, and shipping processor, and makes it capable of managing its orders, inventory and shipping on a single platform.

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce the order processing time
  • Minimise accounting errors
Sync your online store with QuickBooks
  • Match orders, products, customers, payment methods, etc. between your online store and QuickBooks
  • Update customer information, including billing and shipping addresses
  • Automatically create new customers
  • Sync product details, including name, SKU, price, quantity, etc.
  • Track expenses as bills or cheque from vendors
Streamline your order fulfilment
  • Download online orders to eCC to process shipping and post to QuickBooks with one click
  • Process offline payment after checkout or phone orders using QuickBooks Merchant Service, or PayPal
  • Automatically create sales receipts, invoices, sales order or estimate in QuickBooks
  • Record taxes, discounts, shipping charges, and order notes
  • Create purchase orders for out-of-stock and drop-ship items
  • Post back to your online store with updated status, tracking information and order notes
  • Notify customers of shipment
Keep your catalogue up-to-date
  • Download products from your online store and QuickBooks instantly
  • Map product details between your online store and QuickBooks
  • Identify missing items and instantly create them by transferring the product details between QuickBooks and your online store
  • Manage drop-ship items
  • Automatically synchronise price and/or quantity
Internet Marketing
Digital strategies in a digital age

In the digital age, it makes absolute sense to use online marketing tools to promote your business and track information on how consumers like to shop. One cannot create and launch a website online and think it’s going to magically increase sales. Research shows that an increasing number consumers use social media and mobile Internet search to check products and prices prior to making a definitive decision on buying. Just by not connecting to social media through your website, you are effectively invisible to that share of the market.

For existing online businesses, here are some Internet marketing solutions:

  • Social Media Optimisation (SMO) to connect to social media in a way that is useful for the specific needs of your business
  • Interaction with customers through personalised emails
  • Making a website search engine friendly by Search Engine Optimisation
  • Determining the best layouts, copy text, offers and images using Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Publishing advertisements of your company on other websites in a bid to direct traffic to your company website (Pay Per Click, PPC)
  • Use of analytical data to break down how visitors interact with your website and use this important information to improve your sites sales and performance
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Be at the top of your game

Anyone who misinforms you by advising that your business has no need for SEO is essentially saying that your company does not need to promote itself, which cannot be true. If the pages of a website have a good structure and design, in accordance with SEO friendly guidelines, they have a better chance of high ranking in Google search. We place a great deal of importance on SEO from the onset of a project and suggest ways to combine SEO with the requirements of our clients.

SEO- Why You Need It

The most popular way to search online is to use a search engine, such as Google. If a search results yields pages of links, users are most likely to only search the first few links on page 1. This prevents a non-SEO friendly website from attracting masses of potential customers; it becomes a real practical and financial issue.

Beyond SEO

Our expertise broaden to include: Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC). CRO can determine the best layouts, copy text, offers and images. This will increase visitors to the site and convert passive visitors into real customers. SMO is worth considering because social media plays a crucial role in the way we share and find information online. PPC utilises advertisements published on other websites in a bid to direct traffic to your company website.

In addition, we can assist with viral marketing, content writing, web design, multimedia, programming and development.

Android Operating System (OS)
“1.5 million Android devices activated every day.” (Larry Page, Google CEO, 2013).

Android devices lead the market worldwide, and what makes the Android (OS) popular with companies, such as Sony, Samsung and LG, is its customisable (OS) at a low cost. Google Play has over a billion apps alone. With download figures running into several million, the tremendous popularity and usage of Android based apps are another medium to engage a large volume of customers and increase sales.

At Space Stem, we have our own Android developers who can utilise the latest features and functions in Android application development, Android game development, Android web development and Android SDK development, all optimised for various screen configurations and platform versions, to ensure that the target market is reached. Android apps can range from basic and simple to fully functional and competitive. Useful for any business, whether it is retail, food, real estate, construction, etc, make Android based apps an integral part of your businesses’ digital strategy.

iPhone Application Development
In the current market a product can expire at design stage. Giving our customers what they want is just not enough. Our progressive thinking ensures that the finished product is not out of date

iPhones are the most successful smart phone models ever with over 500 million sold by Apple. But iPhone application development needs special skills which exceed far beyond those of most developers who only have traditional experience. Therefore it is essential that the right people are hired to create customised iOS apps that are interactive, creative and commercially successful.

Space Stem’s iOS specialists excel in developing applications for Apple iPhone, iPad, amongst other mobile platforms. We offer a diverse range of business solutions to clients and our exceptional consulting services include:

  • Verification of ideas for technical feasibility
  • Evaluation of user needs
  • Requirements engineering
  • Conceptualisation of user-friendly and modern design
  • Mock up designs
  • Development of corporate branding
  • Detailed business analytics
  • App endorsement

We work with large to small-scale businesses and nourish their growth, exceeding target expectations. We believe that our efforts to create the best applications in the industry reflect our commitment to our clients and we make no compromises in our work ethic. Space Stem’s standards of best practice in collaboration with the finest resources, both staff and technology, gives our clients reassurance that their project is in safe hands.

Mobile Website
People are on the move. You need to be too

Over the years, mobile devices have developed into micro computers so that time, place and circumstances are no longer barriers for users who want to complete simple to complex tasks whilst on the go. Creating a website on mobile devices has to overcome the limitation of screen size and resolution. Often mobile websites can be uninspired, aesthetically poor and lacking in critical features, which prevent the acquisition of new customers through this popular medium.

At Space Stem, our senior developer has over ten years of experience in the industry and manages an expert team under him, in close partnership with our graphics designers. We maintain a strong alliance with the client during the design and development stage to ensure that their needs are fulfilled in every way.

Space Stem can:

  • Design custom mobile websites
  • Provide mock ups for approval
  • Offer training on our platform upon completion (designed to accommodate non-technical users)
  • Give access to our platform, to make updates and changes at any time
  • Or provide update and maintenance services, if required
  • Integrate with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other CMS
  • Custom database and API integration
  • Design to dynamically update changes from desktop website to the mobile website
Web Design
Convert visitors into sales

To make any business accessible anywhere in the world, one cannot overlook the lucrative benefits of creating a company website. Designing responsive websites is not just about aesthetics but how one can visually structure information logically in a readily accessible and understandable manner. This is just as important as paying attention to colours, fonts and appearance. At Space Stem, every project begins with a conversation. We take time to comprehend the business and its customers, setting a firm foundation for the project outcome. Each page is designed once the visual, architectural and functional requirements are finalised. We follow a meticulous process when creating a user-centric design: from initial workshops and whiteboard sitemaps, through to the functional specifications, wireframes, sitemaps, prototypes, user testing and use case documentation. Every page is tested by our design and development team and approved by the client. From the beginning to the launch of a website, Space Stem will assist at every stage including user training and maintenance. We carry experience of branding, design and inbuilt reporting tools that can retrieve information and assist a company in making profitable decisions, particularly useful for e-commerce websites.

Corporate Branding at Space Stem
The who, what, why and for

The concept of corporate branding is much more than just designing a logo. When a company’s name is removed from its logo design and consumers can easily recognise the brand just by an image, that’s the sign of successful branding campaign.

Brand design is a company’s corporate personality and it encompasses the business’ core values and objectives, as well as its promise, to consumers, employees, investors and suppliers.

If your current corporate branding campaign made little impact, Space Stem can ensure that the next one leaves that everlasting impression. We also work with new start-up businesses to ensure that they get it right the first time. We can assist you with:

  • Auditing your company’s existing brand as well as its competitors’
  • Extracting the current strengths and weaknesses closely examining the current message, website, visual identity, etc
  • Determining a key and unique brand message – the company’s mission, its customers, its products and services, and its promise
  • Revamp of an existing logo based on analysis or design of a new one
  • Dissemination of the brand campaign to the marketing team and employees to ensure there is complete unity in the message. This is particularly important for the customer service team
  • Communicating the brand in everything that your company does
What's in a name?

A logo is a company’s corporate identity and credibility. With each business offering unique and varied services, it makes sense to opt for a bespoke design that captures the brand visually and presents it to customers and clients across countries and continents. Because we understand the importance of company branding at Space Stem, all creative possibilities are explored by our graphics design department during the conceptual stages. Our thorough preparation and adherence to timelines ensure that we deliver your project on time and within budget. What you invest in creating a logo can easily be measured by a bigger share of the global market, greater response to new ventures, and a business card exchanged with confidence.

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