Sharing Android 10 / Android Q - 5 Most Awaited Features

What's new in it for the users?

Google launched recently android OS version Android-10 / Android Q on September 3, 2019, with exciting new features for its 2.5 billion users.

This release is special as Google extended its beta version support for devices other than Pixel. There are twelve other OEMs with a total of 21 devices that support the latest Android version beta update. To know if your device supports android Q click here.

In this article we will discuss 5 critical features in detail as to why Google tags its latest version as "Just the way you want it". Google boasts this version is power packed with latest tech features with enhanced security and privacy controls to customize your phone and lot more.


Finally, Google has given its users feel of an Apple device. Dark Theme gives dark hue to the entire system which is soothing to eyes and saves battery life too. Dark mode can be activated via a quick-tile setting or by selecting the battery saver option.

At launch, this feature might be restricted to Google apps, such as Gmail, Calendar, and Photos, but the company will offer its developers an API for enabling dark themes so they can make sure their apps follow the rest of the operating system.

Android Q

Live captions make it easier to understand video, audio messages and podcasts by captioning them automatically. It’s as if we are seeing a movie on YouTube or Netflix with subtitles, and the best part is that it doesn't require Wi-Fi or cell phone data.

It will be a great step implemented by Google to support the deaf community.

Android Q

With Google's Android Q you can control and monitor your child's activities over a smartphone.

It gives Parents complete control over approving installs, setting screen time limits, seeing their location, creating app limits, and setting sleeptime.

It also guides kids as they learn, play, and explore online with Google.


Take actions right away as you reply.

Recommended actions are suggested by OS itself as you reply. If somebody asks you to meet at some location, it will recommend possible replies and other apps like Google Maps to open the location to meet or even open a video link on YouTube.

Android Q

Google will help you achieve your goals.

Focus mode is part of an enhancement to Google's Digital Wellbeing suite. This feature will allow users to select and silent apps they don't want as a distraction while working on something important.

BONUS: Fun to work on and easy to work around, a gesture navigation controller is also a prominent feature introduced in this OS, replacing old fashion navigation controllers from smartphones.

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