Going Digital

Why businesses need to adapt to digital payment using Mobile Wallet, e-Wallet or other Digital Payment methods like Digital India – Power to Empower and support Artificial Intelligence – AI Powered Digital Age transformation from Vanilla Information Age.

According to Global proximity mobile payment transaction users 2018-2023 report of J. Clement by 2020, 1 billion plus users will be using mobile wallets or other mobile proximity payment methods.

Express is a minimal, open source and flexible Node.js web application framework which provides robust features for web and mobile applications. Let’s brief ourselves with basic knowledge of NodeJS and JavaScript before kicking off with Express.


The MEAN stack is a strong, full-stack JavaScript solution that consists of four different building blocks: MongoDB as the database, Express as the web server framework, AngularJS as the web client framework, and Node.js as the server platform. These building blocks can be developed by various teams who can push the development and documentation of each component.