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Oracle’s NetSuite Suite talk is used to do easy web service integration of any in house applications with wholesale and dunning module of NetSuite. It provides Integration credentials from their admin panel to start with API integration after user purchases that module.

Key Features of Development Framework

NetSuite Service class: NetSuite code begins with a single Class "NetSuite Service" to use inbuilt entities and methods for an easy integration in an application. User can also configure the API preferences, which helps in filtering the results and timeout of responses. It provides entities like Customer, Items, Vendors, Sales Orders, Invoices, Customer Payments, Customer Refunds and so on.

Subsidiary: Subsidiary is a name of company to differentiate whole system records with another subsidiary.

InternalId: NetSuite identifies each record with InternalId. It is same as a Primary key in sql table. The user cannot set InternalId from code.

ExternalId: ExternalId is a separate identity is which user is pushing unique values to map with existing records with his application. User can set ExternalId from code.

RecordType: RecordType is an enum of record to identify the type of record. Example: Customer, Product, Purchase Order, Item Receipt and so on.

RecordRef: RecordRef is a generic object which is a combination of InternalId, ExternalId and RecordType.

ScriptId: Whenever user insert any master record, NetSuite generates a ScriptId of that master record to identify it as an unique record. Example: Country list, Tax code list etc.

CustomizationRef: It inherits all properties of RecordRef and add ScriptId property along with that. It gives results in CustomFieldRef, BooleanCustomFieldRef, SelectCustomFieldRef, StringCustomFieldRef, CustomList, TransactionBodyCustomField.

Exception and Faults: NetSuite provide all detail in responses such as status or if an error occurs, then exceptions, faults along with descriptions. Example : InsufficientPermissionFault, InvalidCredentialsFault.

Fetching records: User can use inbuilt method to get records Example: "GetRecord" which returns values of that entity.

Searching records: NetSuite provides inbuilt methods to search record with "SearchBasic". For that user has to give values in "SearchRecord", which returns "SearchResult". Example: VendorSearchBasic, CustomerSearchBasic, TransactionSearchBasic.

Reports Customization: NetSuite provides many financial reports and statements which we can customize using the NetSuite report builder. For example: we can change the columns from left to right. We can add dynamic filters that directly displayed on screen.

NetSuite Service

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