Case Studies

Selenium - Test Automation

Test automation is used to automate repetitive tasks, save manual efforts and increase test execution speed.


QC team has to perform all regression testcases manually for weekly/fortnightly live release. To avoid manual work, we created hybrid framework using selenium web driver. Using this framework we have automated all our base testcases which we were executed manually for each release. With automation all these basic testcases are executed using automation. It saves manual efforts and execute testcases very effectively thereby saving nearly one-third of total project time.

We have created one more Data driven framework where we can create ‘n’ numbers of orders using selenium web driver. In this framework we have covered whole ordering system [DigitRx order + Sales order + WDA order]. We use this framework when we need to perform load testing or create lot of orders for testing purposes. With automated testcases we can program to execute them overnight unattended.

Tools & Technologies

  • Java
  • Eclipse
  • Selenium Web driver 3.2