Shift from Vanilla Information Age to AI Powered Digital Age

Why businesses need to adapt to digital payment using Mobile Wallet, e-Wallet or other Digital Payment methods like Digital India – Power to Empower and support Artificial Intelligence – AI Powered Digital Age transformation from Vanilla Information Age.

According to Global proximity mobile payment transaction users 2018-2023 report of J. Clement by 2020, 1 billion plus users will be using mobile wallets or other mobile proximity payment methods.

While most EU and other countries are still in the adapt mode, INDIA, the largest democracy on earth has left The World Economists perplexed by ranking second in 2019 Mobile Payments or transactions via point-of-sale survey with 29.5% high penetration rate. Thus, INDIA is already in a serious adoption mode as can be seen in the graphic below.

Going Digital

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From above stats, INDIA has undoubtedly become a key player on global scale in adopting Digital Payment Solutions across Web and Mobile platforms. Furthermore, INDIA’s growing IT start-ups like Space Stem are also playing an important role to support Government of India’s "Digital India - Power to Empower" initiative by providing reliable and seamless integration services via API of payment gateway with Paypal, Authorizenet, WorldPay and Global Payment (Evalon and Realex).

Space Stem Digital Payment Solutions Team has been very impactful in building end-to-end digital payment solutions considering global IT transformation from “Vanilla Information Age” to the world of “Artificial Intelligence – AI Powered Digital Age”.

So, whether yours is a small, medium or large business in FMCG, Finance, Accounting, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharma, Medical, Real estate adapting Digital Payment feel free to reach out to Space Stem E-commerce Team by clicking here for zero-cost, no obligation and no hidden condition analysis. For more info on the 7-4-7 Anniversary Celebration Offer visit this page.