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Excellent experience working with Team Space Stem.


We outsource all of our IT software and hardware solutions to Space Stem in our long-standing partnership with the company. Excellent customer service has always been at the heart of Church Pharmacy’s practice and that’s when we realised that going digital was the most efficient way of addressing our customers’ feedback. Our customised ERP system has measurably transformed our business within a matter of months, connecting departments within the pharmacy and enabling them communicate to each other with speed and transparency. Unique applications designed and developed by Space Stem specifically for our business operations have virtually eliminated most of our paper-based tasks! All of our departments are completely in sync. Our new website was redeveloped with a contemporary twist presenting information in a user friendly way. Space Stem also developed the site so that customers could place pre-orders online and submit payment and delivery details. This was not available to them previously. Our customers realised that we place great importance on serving their needs, which is really important to Church Pharmacy. We have also pioneered our secure online e-prescription software DigitRx for the private healthcare sector, a project that we needed to undertake to keep abreast of competition; there is no other product in the market like DigitRx which makes this project a real achievement and groundbreaking. DigitRx gives medical practitioners full control of how they want to order from us whilst replacing their manual tasks with digital solutions. After conducting groundwork research, Space Stem developed, rigorously tested and successfully launched it for us. Our apps and mobile website are managed by them too and they also update and maintain our systems for us, giving us that peace of mind. Going digital has allowed Church Pharmacy to take on more than double the work in less than a year. Space Stem's dedication and determination to strive for the best is a real credit to company, and with major cutting edge projects in the pipeline for our pharmacy, we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with them.

S. Bhojani
Church Pharmacy

I am happy to share all the facts about the services I got from Space Stem so far. I worked with Space Stem Team for more than 3 year now. I’m very happy with their services that range from software development and web site development. Very good communication on time.

P. Merchant
Mahdi School

Space Stem has been my development company for almost a year and a half. Before them, I had been using several other providers in India and elsewhere. I was very disappointed with the other developers as the quality was not there and they had not been able to keep the timetables. Space Stem is completely different, they have made software development into an exact science. I was assigned a dedicated project manager and an entire team of developers and designers working in the background, each one with their specialization. I would not switch companies ever, they really understand me and my company’s needs.

A. Dosani

Space Stem team seamlessly worked with us to build our Web software that ensures a strong user experience. We truly appreciate their outstanding help to pay attention to all minute details in delivering high-quality web software in less time.

R. Haider
International Steel Corporation