What is Web API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

API, is a secured mode of allowing programmers access to the available features, services, or data from an application and connect it with legacy systems, middleware platforms and / or enterprise bus systems, etc.

APIs are consumed over web using http or https protocol. There are different platforms which allow developers to build API in .Net, PHP, Java, Python etc. – for instance - https://reqres.in/


asp.Net is a scalable, features rich framework supporting platforms across diversified devices like mobile phones, tablets, raspberry pi, desktop, laptop. Web API also provide same functionality same as ASP.Net MVC. One of the great features of Web API is that it does not require IIS and can be hosted as a stand-alone Web service application.

Web API Feature/Characteristics
  • Best platform to create RESTful services.
  • Supports HTTP verb like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE.
  • As it is built on top of ASP.NET and also support ASP.NET request and response.
  • It can return multiple text formats like XML, JSON, etc. or can create own MediaTypeFormatter.
  • Apart from above return type, it also supports pdf, image, text files, etc.
  • Can be self-hosted or can be hosted on IIS.
  • It also supports OData.
ASP.NET Web API Version
Web API Version
1.0 2.0
Supported .NET Framework 4.0 4.5
Supported in VS Version 2010 2012 on words
Started with ASP.NET MVC 4 5
Why & when to choose ASP.NET Web API?
  • If you are familiar with ASP.NET MVC
  • Want to develop API that support multiple platform.
  • Light weight RESTFul architecture , and the devices which may have limited internet speed like mobile phone.
  • API services that support only HTTP protocol.
  • Not to do configuration of WCF services on server.
Other Web Services

ASP.NET also provides Web services like WCF, Web services (asmx). This web service supports industry standard, XMLRPC, SOAP and WSDL. These services are protocol independent services and can run on anything like HTTP, TCP, UDP.

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